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Why American Bulldogs ?

First of all let me say this, I am not going to re-post the dubious history of the American Bulldog. there are about as many theories on this subject as there are possible combinations at Baskin-Robbins. What dog was the great, great, great grandfather of what dog's mother's son, is just not my bag of tea. I am glad some people like to keep up with all that, but all I am interested in is a dog that will do the job I have in mind. I want a dog to play with, one that will guard my home with genuine courage, <not just bark at a stranger, Hell, my wife has 2 Chihuahuas for that job>, and I want a dog that I can be proud to show off to my friends.  Now if that offends certain breeders, or some die hard dog enthusiasts, then all I can say is Bite Me !    I will own a dog for my own reasons, not yours.

I went though German Shepherds <4 years>, Doberman Pinschers <2 Years Wasted>, Rotties <another 3 years wasted> and a very short attempt with Huskies. All these proved to be very friendly, pretty animals, that were every one a lap dog. To me and strangers alike. I am sure the Humane society would love to place any dog I have raised. I can take a guaranteed Man Eater and turn him into a lap dog in no time. Now I admit I don't know squat about raising a dog to be mean, I have never tried to do it. I just play with the dog, feed it, and probably give it too much encouragement by petting my dogs all the time. I always keep them in the house as much as possible with my wife and myself. I don't beat them, or starve them. I don't feed them gunpowder, pepper, or any other crazy crap ingredient, just  fresh water and a good quality Dog Food with an occasional treat from the kitchen.  My VET hates me, I raise big healthy dogs that never need him.

My last Dog was an AKC registered, Black and Rust Doberman Pinscher. She was a Beautiful dog. Loved me and my wife to no end. But was a definite danger to strangers. They may trip over her while she lay there and watch total strangers come into my house and wander through it.  A few months ago, I was asleep on my couch, with my Dobie sleeping on the floor beside me. A total stranger opened my side door and walked through my house. As it turned out, he was visiting my son, who was outside waxing his New Trans-AM, and the boy had come into the house to use our bathroom. My Dobie raised her head up, looked at him walk through, and then went back to sleep. I realized it wasn't my son and jumped off the couch to investigate. My Doberman bravely brought up the rear, at a distance.  She is 2 1/2 Years old, and was raised in the house, so she should think of it as hers. Bull-Crap !!!   I loved her, petted her, kissed her, and then gave her away to the first person stupid enough to take a worthless Full Blooded, AKC Registered CHOW-HOUND.

Let me explain one thing. I live out in the country in Tennessee. My nearest neighbor is about a half mile down the road. I am surrounded by trees that go back about 4 or 5 miles to the rear and side, and about 3 miles to the front of my house. Mine is a perfect house to break into, secluded, no witnesses, just me, a very loving wife and our dogs. 2 Chihuahuas and something to protect the place when I am not at home or not paying attention.  My dogs have to do the most important job I know. They have to protect my wife and my home. If they can't or will not do that, then they had better find another place to live, because they will not live here.

Then I found the American Bulldog. I purchased "K&L's #10", named her "Bianca"  and brought her home; after getting her basic obedience training down. She is 17 weeks old as I write this page, and has met my son sneaking in the door at 4 AM twice. The first time, she tried to attack him, but he got back out the door before she could get to him,  the second time, he called her name, but still had to run for it. She will play with him in the day time, but has a problem with people sneaking through my doors at 4 AM. Just like my wife does. HAR !! By the way, our son is 23 years old, he is not a child, but a grown man. Another time I was sitting on the front porch just watching the sunset. My son decided he would tease Bianca. He crouched down and acted like he was going to sneak up on the porch. Bianca's American Bulldog Bloodlines showed 100%, she jumped up, started growling and snapping at him. When my son didn't back up, but continued to advance toward the porch, Bianca jumped off the front of my porch, <5 Feet off the ground>, landed on a bush, rolled off the bush, hit the ground, came to her feet and stated after my son.   After a very hasty retreat, my son decided he would not tease Bianca any more. All this at just 17 weeks of age.

Bianca will play with small children all day without hurting anybody. But just don't try to sneak up on her or anything she is around. Somehow she can tell when something is not right, and reacts to protect those around her. She has gone with my wife and I to Craft Fairs, the grocery store, an Indian Pow-Wow, and local businesses, and has never showed any aggression to anyone that was friendly towards us. But on the other hand I have seen more fire and protection out of her at just 4 months, than I have all my previous dogs lumped together. I am not ditching German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rotties, I know there are some great dogs out there. I just couldn't afford 2,500 to 3 thousand dollars for a house and farm dog.

John Lewis
Hermitage, Tennessee