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Watchdog Scoot out of Margentina's Monster and Wright's Rosie.

Margentina's Monster out of Margentina's Sgt. Rock and Maxwell's Lady (Ma Belle).

Wright's Rosie out of Wright's Rounder and Scott's Lady Lujo II.

Margentina's Sgt. Rock out of Wright's Rounder and Maxwell's Lady (Ma Belle).

Maxwell's Lady (Ma Belle) out of Scott's Diximan and Maxwell's Dixie.

Wright's Rounder out of Williamson's Big Joe and Tuck's Tiger Lady.

Scott's Lady Lujo II out of Scott's Bruiser Rho Hoe and Scott's Honey Gal.

Williamson's Big Joe out of Bailey's Gigantic Jim and Scott's Dixie Bell.

Tuck's Tiger Lady out of Tuck's Bo Bo Roger and Tuck's Lady Lou.

Bailey's Gigantic Jim out of Scott's Buckaroo 2 and Scott's Forever Yours (I think these two names are made up).

Scott's Dixie Bell out of Scott's Moravian Mainstany and Scott's Maderfield Monica (again I think these are made up).

Tuck's Bo Bo Roger out of Mac the Masher and Pursley's Missy II.

Tuck's Lady Lou out of Johnson's Ninja Smitty and Johnson's Toppie.

Scott's Bruiser Cagney out of Johnson's Dick the Bruiser and and Johnson's Lady Tuffie.

Jackson's Daisy May out of Johnson's Dick the Bruiser and Scott's Lady Lujo.

Scott's Dixieman out of Johnson's Dick the Bruiser and Scott's Dixie Bell.

Maxwell's Dixie out of Scott's Bruiser Cagney and Jackson's Daisy Mae.

Scott's Bruiser Rho Hoe out of Johnson's Dick the Bruiser and Johnson's Lady Tuffie.

Scott's Honey Gal out of Johnson's Dick the Bruiser and Scott's Lady Lujo.

Johnson's Dick the Bruiser out of Johnson's McGuillicutty and Johnson's Ella Collette (again supposed to be made up names).

Scott's Lady Lujo out of Scott's Climax and Scott's Miss Connie (made up?)

Johnson's McGuillicutty out of Johnson's Bell's Drummerboy and Johnson's Zorro Girl (now all the names are made up).

Johnson's Ella Collette out of Johnson's Colesdale Cadet and Johnson's Cinderella.

Johnson's Lady Tuffie out of Alabama Bob or Johnson's Ninja Smitty and Hegewood's Gypsy Belle or Johnson's Toppie.

That's the info I have. Anybody have anything different?

Here is the pedigree I have off my bitch's papers:

Wright's Rounder
Margentina's Sargent Rock
Maxwell's Lady
Margentina's Monster
Scott's Dixieman
Maxwell's Lady (Ma Belle)
Maxwell's Dixie
Watchdog Scoot
Williamson's Big Joe
Wright's Rounder
Tuck's Tiger Lady
Wright's Rosie
Scott's Bruiser Rho Hoe
Scott's Lady Lujo II
Scott's Honey Gal

Some trivia: Scoot is mother to Legend's Godzilla and Grandma to Legend's Meniac.

Scoot lived to 13 years of age(almost 14).

Monster is also father to Symmes' Mad Max.

Maxwell's Lady (previously Ma Belle) is mother to Leclerc's Raging Bull and Symmes' Bulldog Drummond.

Wright's Rosie is mother to Painter's Zeke and Leclerc's Roxanne.

Williamson's Big Joe is father of Williamson's Popeye the Sailor.

Scott's Bruiser Roe Hoe is sired by JDJ's Dick the Bruiser And JDJ's Lady Tuffie.