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set the record straight once and for all (bandogge)
Sunday, 19-Sep-1999 22:48:26 writes:

    On a previous thread, there was conversation regarding Champagne, of James Ellerbie fame. The lineage of that dog, and the subsequent lineage of dogs with her blood must be set straight once and for all. I thought I had made this very clear in the past, and just recently at the Canadian Show, put on by the Rose family, I sat at dinner with a number of people who are on this board frequently, and some of the people who have posted on this bandogge thread. I will try to clarify the bloodline again. When I did business with James Ellerbie, as nice a guy as you will find, in the year 1987, Champagne was about 6. James told me that Champagne was an outcross dog a few generations back, with a Philly fighting dog. He said the dog was a black lab/pit cross. James was looking for that black color, cause he wanted to create a black bulldog. I surmised that the fighting dog was probably a neo/pit cross, since Champagne had those features, and who in their right mind would fight a lab/pit? But a neo/pit made more sense to me. Regardless of what it was, this outcross most likely took place in the early to mid seventies. Guess what folks, that is around the same time frame that other outcrosses were taking place. In that golden seventies era when John D, and Dave Leavitt were experimenting with the EB outcross, James Ellerbie, who also was good friends with Leavitt, and who kenneled some of his dogs, did his outcross. James told me that he did it one time, and kept a black dog, and kept keeping black dogs out of his litters. Do I believe James Ellerbie when he told me he outcrossed only once? YES!! After he told me of his outcross, did I use the dog I got from James, Muscles II, as a stud. YES!! Why? Because that dog was a great, strong, healthy (still alive at 13) dog. Muscles II is as purebred as any of the jdj abs that have westchamps high hopes in it. For the last time, the AB was formulated in the 70s. There were all sorts of outcrosses in the Johnson and Scott start up. If you want to deny that, well, there is nothing I can do for you. What happened in the 70s happened. Our job is to use what we have now, and make the best dogs possible. It is conceivable that the purest bulldogs are the white english which have no Scott or Johnson blood. Fight over that if you like. What I care about is the bulldog of the 21st century. There is enough blood out there now so that there is no need to outcross with a EB or a bandogge, or a catalooua, or a Bull Mastiff, or a Pitbull, or a ST Barnard, or a boxer, or a dogo, did I leave any out? If someone doesnt like the Ellerbie bandogge blood, that is your perogative, however, I get the feeling that those who cast stones at that blood feel that their blood is more pure. I dont agree. We are all using tainted blood if we own JDJ or Scott. These dogs were homogenized 25 years ago. If people want to argue, or debate which line is better, fine. Leave the holier than thou attitude out of it. Because for us folks who have been in the breed more than 5 years, we know what the truth is, and we accept it, and we push forward to make our dogs and the breed better.

    David Farneti