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Smokey Mountain Kennels

Smokey Mountain Kennels American Bulldogs

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Nestled in the gentle country side of Tennessee, you will find Smokey Mountain Kennels.  Ours is a small kennel, that does not breed for the joy of breeding or to just make puppies for sale.  We are honestly interested in preserving a very tightly line bred American Bulldog Bloodline that was started by Mr. John D Johnson.  We breed ONLY after we have seen the results of our last breeding, and have had time to evaluate the outcome. There may be multiple breedings in one year, or there may be 2 or more years between breedings. We occasionally have puppies for sale that do not fit into our breeding program.  Nobody ever needs to keep every single male and female puppy that is born into their kennel. We never sell a "CULL" or a "RUNT".  That does nothing but harm our good name, and helps to destroy a wonderful breed of dog.  The puppies that we occasionally sell are always quality puppies, healthy, and well socialized, or we just will not sell them. If a puppy is to be sold, by the time it is 8 weeks old  the puppy will have been introduced to over 20 different people. He or she will have been played with, petted on, and rubbed by as many people as is possible in the amount of time available. The puppies are introduced to people of different color, size, shape, and age. They will be played with by children of different ages ranging from 3 years to 16 years old.  This is an ongoing daily routine in our kennel. This will give you a more stable, friendly, and sociable puppy. He or she will also adapt to their new home more readily.

All American Bulldogs seen on this site are registered stock. There are NO outcrosses to Dogs of other breeds to improve the looks, size, or temperament.  Our dogs are TRUE American Bulldogs. Not mix-matched, cross bred, Mutts, with a false pedigree. Those that breed dogs like that are not interested in this breed, they are only interested in one thing, no matter what they say.

These pages show some of our dogs, discusses our basic principal behind our breeding program, and will try to entertain you along the way.  If anything I say or do on this web site offends someone, I will be glad to remind you that there are more Web Pages on the Internet, than there are Human Beings on this earth. So there are plenty of other places to go to for those that get offended. For those that are interested in this breed for the love of the breed, or may be interested in obtaining a puppy someday from us, or for whatever reason you have. Please look through our web site. Be sure and   E-Mail us if you have a question about our dogs.

Smokey Mountain Kennels -  Nashville, Tennessee -   USA
Telephone (615) 885 - 7736

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